Medium Fountain Pen Organizer Roll Up

Medium Fountain Pen Organizer Roll Up

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This pencil roll case is perfect for keeping your favorite fountain pens organized and nearby.

In the world of disembodied scurrying around and to-do lists a mile long, this art roll will keep all your favorite marking tools in one spot-- easy to find -- so you can take a minute to just relax and remember what you wanted to do before you went looking for a pen.

Three compartments, six-pockets altogether. The bottom is double canvas. Versatile closure, I just loop both around and tuck underneath itself, but with two ties, you can also wrap and tie a bow.

Measurements: open, the roll measures 10 3/4" x 9 1/2"
deep pockets-- 5" deep
front pockets -- 2.5" deep
max height to fold -- about 7.25"

Pockets: six pockets (3 stacks of 2)

Features: double canvas on the bottom keeps your pencil points sharp without poking through.
two thin ties let you close the roll a couple of different ways


This listing is for a brite blue canvas roll with black binding.

Gift Wrap------------------------
All rolls come packaged as a present, so whether you're buying a gift for someone else, or treatin' yourself to some rad organizing magic, you'll receive a present in the mail.
Also, no packing slip or receipt is included (digital age and all), so if sending to a friend, they won't be greeted with any dollar amounts.

Customer Satisfaction---------------
Purchase with confidence. If for some reason you get the roll and you realize you thought it was a different size, or it's not going to work for your tools afterall... shoot me an email, and send the roll back (within 14 days of receipt) for a full refund, or exchange!


Lifetime Warranty--------------------

Lifetime Warranty. Period.