Hello! We make roll up pencil cases and fountain pen rolls that have been described as: perfect to house collections, perfect to travel with, a perfect fit, with wrapping like a work of art, made with extreme attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship. Those are words right from reviews we've received directly from customers, and it's awesome, because that's a lot of what we're going for!

You carry your creativity with you, we help you carry your supplies too. We help you protect, store, organize, admire, relish in, and bundle up your precious writing utensils, your most beloved mark making tools, your everyday carry.

Made from durable cotton canvas, Bundle and Stow pencil roll ups are sewn in Dayton, Ohio. { We work in our private studio as well as the shared sewing facility The Dayton Sewing Collaborative. }

Starting June 2017 we will begin production of our wholesale line with The Dayton Sewing Collaborative as manufacturer where I, Rachel DB, have been working as project manager (and Director of Awesomeness, a title I bring with me) since September 2016. 

I am excited for this next step in Bundle and Stow's journey. We will be part of making sewing a viable career option here in the Ohio Valley and your support of independent brands like mine is part of the rising tide that raises all boats.

All my best,

Rachel Dominguez-Benner

Designer and Director of Awesomeness