XL / 96 Pencil Roll / Buy it For Life / Black with Black

XL / 96 Pencil Roll / Buy it For Life / Black with Black

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This super awesome 96-pencil roll up is a super awesome deluxe size. Originally designed to specifically fit at least 100 colored pencils, you can store any number of art making supplies in this roll!

The bottom row of pockets are mostly for added protection so there is at least double canvas covering all the pocket bottoms to protect your pencil tips! There are a row of bonus pockets on the outside of the roll for perhaps your most favoritest pen/pencil.


* Fifteen inside pockets ranging in depth 2", 4", 5"

* Extra-long strong cotton ties

* Long fold-over flap accommodates variety of heights

* Sturdy cotton canvas construction

* Double canvas protection to keep your pencil tips safe

* Arrives empty ready for your tools

* Buy it For Life Guarantee



Open, this roll measures 16" wide by about 17" tall. Rolled up it is like the a small art arsenal of awesome.


____Buy it For Life____

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