M / TALL Brush Pen Roll / Buy it For Life / Natural with Black

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Your interest in lettering tools may have started with Micron pigmas, or their entirely replaceable/refillable/parts available cousin Copic Multiliners... yet you've also discovered the joys of brush pens and dual-tipped markers. You're overjoyed with the colors and options for lettering until you try to take those Tombows with you and they don't fit *in* anything because they are so tall.

The Tall Medium style roll gains an extra 2" height capacity over its older sibling (and A#1 original style the Medium). It's main pockets are a cozy 6" deep with a 9" comfort height capacity. A lower row of 4" tall pockets love to swaddle business cards, spare parts, swatch cards, even slimline Washi tape.

Featuring tightly woven cotton canvas for durable wear resistance the Tall Pen Roll by Bundle and Stow also comes with a Buy it For Life Guarantee. Any future problem with your better than a pencil case and you just send it back.

With an extra-long flap that will comfortably cover items up to 9" and ties that adjust to the roll's capacity; this style is perfect for carrying your choice Tombow dual-brush end markers, or those extra-long Japanese import brush pens.

About cleaning: While we think errant marks lend character to the pen roll, the natural cotton material is spot cleanable and machine washable (on super-gentle; lay flat to dry; warm iron likely necessary).