M / TALL Brush Pen Roll / Buy it For Life / Green with Brown

M / TALL Brush Pen Roll / Buy it For Life / Green with Brown

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Your interest in lettering tools may have started with Micron pigmas, or their entirely replaceable/refillable/parts available cousin Copic Multiliners... yet you've also discovered the joys of brush pens and dual-tipped markers. You're overjoyed with the colors and options for lettering until you try to take those Tombows with you and they don't fit *in* anything because they are so tall.

The Tall Medium style roll gains an extra 2" height capacity over its older sibling (and A#1 original style the Medium). It's main pockets are a cozy 6" deep with a 9" comfort height capacity. A lower row of 4" tall pockets love to swaddle business cards, spare parts, swatch cards, even slimline Washi tape.

With an extra-long flap that will comfortable cover items up to 9" and ties that adjust to the roll's capacity; this style is perfect for carrying your chose Tombow dual-brush end markers, or those extra-long Japanese import brush pens.

About cleaning: While we think errant marks lend character to the pen roll, the natural cotton material is spot cleanable (lay flat to dry, warm iron likely necessary).


Capacity: 24 cp

Comfort Height: 9" tall items

Perfect for: Tombow Dual Brush Pen Markers

Also: Buy it For Life Guarantee

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