3 Pen + Sticky Note Holder

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You've already brewed a hot beverage, collected your books and notebook and sticky notes for a cozy study session, when you notice something is missing. Your favorite pen, the one you are rarely without, is no where in sight. 

Instead of hunting for 20 minutes only to finally find it in the bottom of your bag, even though that was the first place you looked, may we present the Bundle and Stow note-taker's companion 3 Pen + Sticky Note Holder. 

As the title suggests you'll have 3 (three) pockets for your favorite note-taking pen + highlighter set, with an additional pocket expressly designed to hold standard square sticky notes. The sturdy cotton canvas will withstand daily commutes and frequent use.

Choose from three sizes available: Mini (5"-6.5"), A5 (7.5"-9"), or Letter (11"-13") Two elastic bands allow each size pen holder to fit a range of hardcover notebooks.

Each notebook pen holder comes packaged with a bonus A2 greeting card designed by Rachel Dominguez-Benner. Designs vary seasonally.

A Note about Cleaning: Spot clean with soap/detergent and warm water.